Medical/Legal Support Services

Fischman Occupational & Environmental Medical Group provides litigation support services:

  • Medical and other record review and summary: Of course, Dr. Fischman reviews and summarizes medical records and other material as part of his medical/legal consulting work. Mary Ishihara is an experienced legal nurse consultant, who is able to provide medical record review and summary in a cost-effective and timely fashion, either on her own or working closely with Dr. Fischman.
  • Medical and toxicology literature review and organization: Dr. Fischman has extensive experience in computer-aided medical and toxicology literature searching and in critical review of scientific literature in occupational medicine, epidemiology and toxicology. He has online access to full-text articles in most toxicology and medical journals. Thus, he can efficiently identify and gather relevant research and literature and prepare comprehensive critical summaries and analysis in legal cases.

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