Collaborative Work with Experts in Other Disciplines

In their consulting work with large organizations and in expert witness work, Drs. Fischman and Rinker regularly work in a multidisciplinary fashion with colleagues in other fields in environmental health and safety, toxicology, and medicine, e.g., industrial hygienists, Ph.D. toxicologists, chemists, ergonomists, pulmonary medicine specialists, and neuropsychologists. For example, in complex situations requiring both clinical and risk assessment skills, Dr. Fischman’s experience has complemented that of an experienced Ph.D. toxicologist. This collaborative approach is well suited to solving complex health concerns and problems. Dr. Fischman is able to suggest capable colleagues, with whom he has worked previously, for these activities.

  • Occupational & Environmental Toxicology—Dr. Fischman generally has clinical, consulting, and medical/legal experience with the following classes of chemicals:
    • Metals – Lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium
    • Carbon monoxide & other toxic or corrosive gases
    • Pesticides
    • Petroleum Distillates and Benzene
    • Other Chemicals, e.g., hydrofluoric acid, chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Evaluation of Suspected Occupational Disease
    • Occupational Lung Diseases – Extensive experience evaluating occupational asthma and interstitial lung disease
    • Suspected Occupational Cancer
  • Hazards Associated with Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Work—Dr. Rinker has extensive clinical and consulting experience regarding:
    • Hazardous drugs, research compounds and active pharmaceutical ingredients
    • Biohazardous work, including with recombinant DNA and viral vectors .
  • Indoor Air Quality
    • Evaluation of symptoms in building occupants, including offices, schools, and other settings, including collaboration with industrial hygienists
    • Classification of problems identified, e.g., Sick Building Syndrome or other Building-Associated Illnesses
    • Health concerns surrounding indoor mold growth
  • Reproductive Health Hazards—Evaluation of reproductive and developmental hazards and concerns, including collaboration with other professionals such as Ph.D. toxicologists and industrial hygienists.
  • Occupational Health Screening
    • Biological Monitoring
    • Medical Surveillance
  • International Occupational Health Experience – Through site visits and collaboration with local professionals, Dr. Fischman has assisted large organizations with international operations in the evaluation and management of occupational health concerns in countries such as Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, & China, including interactions with national & regional public health authorities

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